Metal Sheet coils processing machines
Band saw blade machines for log sawing machines

Machines designed for industrial automation

ALIX srl is an Italian company which produces machines designed for industrial automation, especially for sheet metal cold forming (auxiliary equipment for presses).

At the beginning of the 90’s the company designed, produced and patented a revolutionary “electronic roller feeder”, still at the forefront, that automatically positions the sheet metal beneath the press, guaranteeing accuracy in each progress phase of the sheet metal in coils, reduced tooling time and increased productivity.
The entire production of auxiliary machines for presses, in addition to special and personalised applications, is designed and manufactured in-house.
The company has recently entered into the wood processing field, especially for the manufacture of machines for the production and maintenance of sawmill band saw blades.
The growth of our company in terms of products and resources is continual.

Alix has changed location

Alix ha trasferito la sede operativa ed amministrativa in :

Via Tagliamento 9 - 36056 TEZZE SUL BRENTA (VI)

Alix celebrates 25 years of activity

For us, 2016 is an important milestone, as our company is celebrating 25 years of business.

Shearing line for grating

This line consists of a compact uncoiling, straightening and feeding unit, a press with punch and, downstream, a st...

Band saw blade shearing line for log cutters

This line consists of an uncoiling and feeding unit, a press with punch and, downstream, a manual shearing unit and un...

Feeding and punching unit

When installed in a suitable plant, this machine feeds and blanks (punches) fabric or similar material. 

Pipe cutting machine mod sat 350

This machine is used in a certain phase for producing guttering elbows.
The pipes are cut and sectione...

Trimmer for pipe elbows

This machine is used in the final phase for producing guttering elbows.
The elbows are trimmed without...

Uncoiling line for laser system

This line automatically serves a laser machine so that metal sheet in coils can be used.
This line con...

Trowel production shearing line

This shearing line consists of a motorised uncoiling reel Mod. S30.5, of an electronic feeder, with integrated idle st...